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Therapeutic Massage/Relief Through Rolling Instructor

Relief Through Rolling

                                                                                                                             A Simple and Pain-Free Foam Rolling Program...For Everyone!

Relief Through Rolling is a system that brings significant and profound relief acute and chronic pain, improves flexibility and posture, and realigns body structure in a fun, simple and pain-free method.


The Creation of Relief Through Rolling


Relief Through Rolling is a different type of foam rolling program.  We cannot randomly roll out tissues to achieve lasting changes in structure and function.  Based on the principles of The Rolf Method of Structural Integration, Relief Through Rolling recognizes that the nervous system is the key to a highly effective response. Learn how to dramatically produce positive change in yor body’s structure and function with these simple, feel-good techniques that improve posture and balance, increase flexibility, and help you to remain active and strong for a lifetime!


For hundreds of years, people have been led people to believe that they are powerless to do anything about their pain. It is time to pull back the curtains and debunk stories and concepts about pain that have been false all along. In every Relief Through Rolling curriculum, you will learn about the false stories of pain and how you can use that information to your advantage to reduce and relieve your pain.


There are many self-care products and systems out there that can actually cause increased pain because they are too hard, or even too soft, or the training programs leave the users unsure of what to do. The Relief Through Rolling curriculum will show you how to pick the right equipment and then give you step by step directions so you can correctly use that equipment to reduce and relieve your pain from the comfort of your own home.


Movement is life. Whether you are an elite level athlete needing to perform complex movements, or you are regular guy and gal looking to more comfortably get through your day understanding how your body is supposed to move is key. In the Relief Through Rolling curriculum you will learn about the anatomy of each region in the body so you live with more energy and vitality.


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