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"I have been seeing Janet for several years now, and every visit is a treat.  She is very knowledgable and professional and so helpful.  Her technique is the perfect blend of therapeutic and relaxation for me, and I would go every week if I could.  I highly recommend her."                                                                                                                                                                 

Candi Howington

Atlanta, GA

December 2018

"Talented, Thoughtful, and Knowledgeable.

I first met Janet many years ago through a mutual friend.  I knew her for a few years before learning of her massage practice.  As soon as I learned this, I set an appointment as I'd not had a dedicated therapist in a long time.  Before I moved to Georgia, I lived down the street from a massage school and was frequently invited to be a guinea pig since I'd permit them to practice all manner of techniques including those which can be rather painful.  I've had a lot of massages and I can say without the slightest hesitation that Janet is the most thorough, talented, and knowledgeable massage therapist I've ever known.  She has helped me improve and maintain long muscles and joints that have been injured many times over the years.  Thanks to Janet and yoga, I am more flexible and have better balance, and most importantly much less pain & impairment, than at any other time in my life.  Thank you, Janet.  Twenty six years is a long time to be doing the kind of intensive work you do, and I will truly mourn should the day come when you choose to retire from it."

Mark Maisel                                                                                                                                                                                                              Atlanta, GA                                                                                                                                                                                                        November 1, 2017

 “I am grateful to have Janet as my LMT after trying 3 other therapists. To me what makes her special is that her therapy is based on an individual's needs, which is elicited by her questioning and listening skills.  She adapts her therapy to meet those needs. My chronic back pain became acute after a fall and there were various areas of my muscles, tendons and ligaments which needed her various therapy methods.  It has helped greatly!”

H. Bundschuh R.N., MSN

 "Janet has been my massage therapist for approximately five years.  I started seeing her once a month for 60 minutes, and slowly over the years have migrated to seeing her once a week for 60 to 90 minutes depending on the week.  That may seem like a lot of massage therapy for many people, but each week my massage makes me feel better physically, I sleep better, and I maintain a positive outlook on life.  As the mother of four children it is easy to get caught up in our crazy schedule and lose my cool.  Massage helps me stay grounded and handle what life throws me.  Feeling physically well translates into feeling well mentally and emotionally. 

 I have enjoyed seeing Janet because she is tuned into what is going on in my body.  She seeks out those areas that are in distress and relieves the pain and discomfort.    Frequently, I just know I don’t feel “right” and Janet can find the source of my discomfort when I can’t.  The environment is soothing and comfortable and Janet has an easy personal style that makes me feel comfortable.  Over the years my massage needs have changed and Janet has adjusted the massage to meet my specific needs without missing beat.  Janet is very open to feedback and truly listens to what I tell her and incorporates what she hears into the massage. 

 Earlier in my life I was a competitive athlete.  I was raised in the school of thought that you worked “through the pain”.  We didn’t realize that the pain was my body’s way of notifying me that I was damaging it.  Janet has been the solution to my chronic pain.  When I first starting getting massages I was seeking relief from constant pain and discomfort.  Over the years I found my pain would be alleviated for longer and longer periods of time due to the success of Janet’s massage therapy.  With Janet’s gentle suggestions I have discovered that I can repair the damage done to my body due to overuse and stress. 

So, for me, Janet is a super hero.  She helps me feel physically well so I in turn can be a better spouse, parent, and friend.  Here’s to Super Janet!" 

Amy S.
Atlanta, GA


"Janet is an excellent massage therapist with a great depth of knowledge of the body.  I've been getting monthly massages from Janet for the past five years - it's an important aspect of well-being for me. Once you've had a massage by Janet, you are spoiled to go anywhere else - the experience far surpasses the typical spa massage. Janet not only works out the kinks and knots, she advises you with stretches and exercises to do between visits. She is warm, caring and great at what she does - I absolutely recommend her to anyone who wants a truly beneficial massage experience."

Kathryn Hayes  |   President
Marketing & Qualitative Research
Off the Leash Insights

"Janet Herman is one of the most talented massage therapists that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Because of her background in nursing, Janet has a deeper understanding of the human body.  Compared to other therapists, she is better able to deliver her massage skills to her clients.   I completely and totally recommend her.   

Give her a try and see for yourself; I did."
Dr. Salvatore J. Minicozzi

"A rear end collision in 1997 left me with a permanent neck injury.  Any kind
of strenuous activity (dancing, jumping, running, etc.) results in stiffness
and pain in my neck, but I have to work and cannot rely on painkillers or
muscle relaxers.  The deep tissue massage and neck work I receive from Janet is the
only true relief I get.  Janet monitors the condition of her patients and
adjusts her treatment to meet their individual needs.  In a partnership approach
to my health, she has taught me how to do stretches at home to increase
strength and mobility and how to use traction to reduce pain between visits.

Janet is not just a massage therapist; she is a friend to her patients.  She
is a professional who is constantly learning new techniques to meet her
patients' needs, but she is also a kind and encouraging advocate who genuinely cares
about her patients and their physical and mental health.   She's terrific!"

Diane Josey, Attorney
Dunwoody, Georgia

"I have been a client of Janet Herman for many years.  She gives extraordinary service.  Trained as a registered nurse, she is well versed in anatomy as well as chiropractics.  She has helped me heal from two significant falls.  Janet is sensitive to using the right amount of pressure and always has my goals in mind.  Clients get much more than relaxation from Janet's excellent massage techniques."

Laurie Coleman

"My first experience with deep massage therapy was about 10 years ago. I was in an automobile accident and was rear ended by a car going about 50 mph. I woke up in an ambulance going to a hospital. No broken bones, but my muscular and skeletal system was severely damaged. After a year of drugs that were not effective, I went to an office that had a chiropractor and massage therapist. Within 3 weeks I was cured and have had no reoccurrence of the problems. That therapist was Janet Herman. I have had massages once weekly ever since.

Another time, about 6 years ago, I had another severe problem.  I had what well known doctors and surgeons diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. They insisted I have surgery right away, but I didn’t want to that without knowing if there was anything else more conservative I could do.  When having my weekly massage I told Janet about their recommendations. She suggested we try a new therapy that worked on affected tendons that could cause the same symptoms.  When we started, the pain my shoulders, arms and hands was really, really bad and I couldn’t even close my right hand completely.  But, within about 3 weeks I had no more pain. It turns out I had severe tendonitis. Beginning and continuing massage therapy with Janet has kept me going and given me an education on how every part of our body is related to all other parts.

 I recommend very highly that you try massage therapy with an expert in the field--Janet Herman." 

George R. L., Age 70, Contractor


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